Our "Herd" consists of a few different species. We have 6 cats, all are rescues...the latest rescue is Mira. She showed up at our back door in Maryanne's (the "dawg") mouth. I thought she had hurt her, little did I know that my "rescue dawg" was rescueing this little kitten. She had been through a fan belt coming out with a partially severed nerve in her front leg and a broken hip and back leg as well as the tip of her tail cut off. She survived all of the surgery and such and has become a permanent member of our family. So now back to Maryanne...she showed up out where we keep our horses covered in ticks. After living with the horses for several months and coming to our house when it was too cold for her to be out, she moved into our house permanently. Our older cats still bat her around some as they have never been too fond of dogs but they are all family. Our 3 "babies" moved in after 1 had been hauled off by a coyote when she was little...not sure how she escaped, but when she came back (her brother went to find her), she had all kinds of bite marks around her neck, and it was presumed she had been in the "clutches" of a coyote. There were 3 boys and 2 girls. We found 2 of the boys a home, and the other 3 became permanent members. Diego and Tino are the heads of our house and we all know it. So on to our "bigger" herd...we have 2 horses - one being Harry the Mustang and Cocoa the horse. We have also gotten a goat recently that our daughter will be showing in 4-H. Please enjoy the slideshow of pictures of our crazy herd.

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